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How to Close More Contracts Before Quarter-End by Nada Alnajafi for Contract Nerds

How to Close More Contracts Before Quarter-End

Quarter-end an be a hectic time for contracts professionals on both the sales and procurement side because of the high pressure to close a high volume of contracts in a short amount of time. These deadlines are tied to an organization’s revenue recognition or budget spend requirements. So the internal business teams are extremely motivated to get contracts closed. So the pressure is on. During this time, apply the best practices described in this article to close as many contracts as possible.

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Contract Redlining Etiquette Rule #9 by Nada Alnajafi for Contract Nerds

Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule # 9 on Contract Bias

Contract experts need to be mindful of implicit biases that can arise in contracts, contract negotiations, and contracting technologies. Eliminating implicit bias in your contracts will help you negotiate better contracts, forge deeper relationships, and promote the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.  This Rule #9 on Eliminating Bias will address how to identify and eliminate implicit biases – such as language, gender, and resource bias – from our contracts.

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Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule # 8 on Final Versions, by Nada Alnajafi, for Contract Nerds

Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule # 8 on Finalizing

While the contract redlining process can be fun, alas, it must come to an end at some point. But before you send the contract off for signatures and scratch this one off your To-Do list, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that the final version of the contract is truly the final version.  This Rule #8 outlines three main stages of preparation that you are responsible for before you send a final contract out for signature: 1) Control, 2) Verify, and 3) Clean.

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Why Rushed Contract Reviews Are Bad for Business

Last-minute contract reviews are frustrating for all contract reviewers. But this issue should be equally frustrating to the entire organization because it is bad for business, too. A rushed contract review negatively impacts the entire deal, including commercial terms, and can cost the business thousands, if not millions, of dollars in contract leakage and other missed opportunities.

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The Battle of the Formats and Why PDFs Are Losing

The Battle of the Formats and Why PDFs are Losing

“Will restricting changes to a contract template by use of a restrictive format help speed up the contract review process?” The simple answer is NO. In fact, choosing the wrong, aka a restrictive, format will only delay the contract review process. Using PDFs in commercial contracts is on the decline. This article will provide a winning strategy for streamlining contracts the right way.

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Contract Redlining Etiquette Rule #6 on Re-Drafting by Nada Alnajafi for Contract Nerds

Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule #6 On Re-Drafting

Remember, you’re still drafting even while negotiating. The key to drafting a clear contract is to re-draft clearer contractual terms that correspond with your redlines and reflect the parties’ intent. The best way to accomplish this is for the party requesting a substantive change to propose the corresponding language. Here are some best practices to keep in mind for this simple yet often overlooked rule of thumb.

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Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule #5 On Internal Redlines

When we think of the contract negotiation process, most of us think only of the external legal negotiation and often neglect the importance of the internal negotiation. The stronger the internal negotiation, the stronger the external negotiation. This Rule focuses on using internal redlines to get the most out of the internal negotiation phase.

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