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Contract Nerds is a blog, resource, and community all about contracts. 

By contract experts. 

For contracts professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire better contracts through quality content and community. To accomplish this goal, we provide relevant and accessible resources about contracts via our website, newsletter, webinars, and social media platforms. 

Our Content

We publish content from various contract experts around the world, not just one person. That’s because there are no two identical contracts. Each one varies depending on the parties involved, negotiation power, details of the deal, jurisdiction, and other circumstances. Diversity of thought, background, and experience is an important part of learning how to contract in the real world. 


Our Community

We welcome all types of lawyers and contracts professionals who work with contracts. This includes general counsel and in-house counsel, supply chain and procurement professionals, sales and legal tech professionals, contract managers and legal ops, paralegals, students, entrepreneurs and more. Don’t think twice about joining us simply because of your job title. If you work with (or want to work with) contracts, you belong here!

Our Founder

Contract Nerds was founded in August 2020 by Nada Alnajafi, an award-winning in-house attorney with over 15 years of experience working with contracts. Nada learned everything she knows about contracting while on the job and is doing everything she can to change that by channeling her passion for contracts and education into Contract Nerds. What started as one post on LinkedIn has now grown into the well-known brand called we’ve grown to know and love called Contract Nerds. Follow her on LinkedIn for more contracting tips.

Our Team

Contract Nerds offers an internship program for current law students interested in learning more about contracts. We have helped mentor many future lawyers by teaching them practical contracting skills, helping them land job interviews, and showing them just how fun working with contracts can be.

Nada Alnajafi, Founder

Nada Alnajafi

Founder of Contract Nerds

Jessica Yee

Jessica Yee

Contract Manager, JD

Bree Vculek

Social Media Manager, 4L

Michael Orcutt

Intern, 2L

Constanza Mayz

Intern, 3L

Kate Hamming

Kate Hamming

Previous Intern, In-House Counsel

Daniel Michaelson

Previous Intern, 4L

Mandy Tran

Mandy Tran

Previous Intern, Attorney

Our Community

Contract Nerds provides a community for everyone who works with contracts because we know that good contracting takes a village. Let us be a part of yours!

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