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The Recipe for Better Contract Design by Stefania Passera for Contract Nerds

The Recipe for Better Contract Design

The recipe for better contract design involves a combination of these four ingredients: relationship, usability, language and design.

Contract Redlining Etiquette - Rule #10 on Process Automation & CLM, by Nada Alnajafi

Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule #10 on Technology

Contract Redlining Etiquette Rule #10 on Technology involves optimizing both the human skill and technology components of contracts.

Exploring the Many Roles of the Contract Drafter by Joel Matteson for Contract Nerds

Exploring the Many Roles of the Contract Drafter (aka the Straw that Stirs the Business Drink)

The contract drafter in a business setting plays multiple key roles, such as zealous advocate, lawmaker, and futurist.


Be willing to abandon (when appropriate) a traditional contractual agreement.
Consider a relational agreement.
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Reject clauses that do not help make the contract clear and concise.
Include clauses just because you have always included them.
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Come to the negotiation table with a contract playbook in hand.
Escalate every single proposed template revision up for approval.
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Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule #5 On Internal Redlines

When we think of the contract negotiation process, most of us think only of the external legal negotiation and often neglect the importance of the internal negotiation. The stronger the internal negotiation, the stronger the external negotiation. This Rule focuses on using internal redlines to get the most out of the internal negotiation phase.


 How In-House Lawyers Can Harness the Power of Personal Branding for Career Success

“Hey Charlotte, I understand why attorneys in private practice need a strong personal brand, but I’m an in-house lawyer. Why does it matter to me?”
Creating a strong personal brand is crucial to career success. Period.
Whatever the economic climate. Even if you are happy, motivated, safe and secure in your role – personal branding is […]


When drafting a contract, consider overall contract design.
Focus exclusively on the terms within the contract itself.
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Cover Your SaaS! How to Prepare for SaaS Negotiations by Meghna Vink for Contract Nerds

Cover Your SaaS! How to Prepare for SaaS Negotiations

Saas contract experts are expected to be more than just legal experts, but also SaaS product experts. There are several approaches you can take early on in the sales cycle to streamline the contract negotiation process. For SaaS contract experts, this article offers practical tips to create a more efficient and successful SaaS negotiation before you even get to the contract.

The SaaS Supplier’s Guide to Service Level Agreements

SaaS suppliers are required to provide service level agreements to communicate their performance commitments to their customers.

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Material Escalation And The Ultimate Risk Bearer

Material Escalation and The Ultimate Risk Bearer

There’s a variety of approaches to mitigate the risk of material escalation depending on the pricing model selected for construction contracts.

Seven Common Contract Annoyances and Tips for Dealing with Them, by Paul Swegle, for Contract Nerds

Seven Common Contract Annoyances and Tips for Dealing with Them

General Counsel and professor, Paul Swegle, shares seven common contract annoyances and tips on how to deal with them.

The Indemnification Clause, Beyond Just Boilerplate, by Rebecca Gray, for Contract Nerds

The Indemnification Clause, Beyond Just Boilerplate

The indemnification clause is often hotly contested during contract negotiations and considered one of the most complex boilerplate clauses.

Why Rushed Contract Reviews Are Bad for Business

Rushed contract reviews negatively impact the entire deal, and can cost the business a lot of money in contract leakage and other missed opportunities.

In today's work force, it is almost certain that you will engage subcontractors and consultants to help manage your IT operations, including its third-party SaaS applications. Today's tip - make sure that any use and access rights granted in a SaaS contract are broad enough to include such augmented staff so that you can carry on operations without breaching your contract. For more information and to join the discussion, check out my LinkedIn post.

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