Ten Awesomely Nerdy Holiday Gifts for the Contract Nerd in Your Life

One of the best things about the holiday season is that we get a chance to show people how much we appreciate and care for them. It is also an opportunity to reconnect with our hobbies, joys, and each other.

These gift ideas are great for:

  • Your friend, spouse, or family member who is a lawyer or works with contracts.
  • Your team members who work with contracts.
  • Your clients who reach out to you for contracting advice or services.
  • Your…self!

1. Reasonably Happy New Calendar Year Ornament by Contract Nerds

I’m biased so don’t just take my word for it. These nerdy ornaments from Contract Nerds nearly sold out last year because so many people ordered them. But not to worry…they’re restocked now!

On one side of the ornament is the Contract Nerds logo (so cute, right?). And on the other side of the ornament is a common holiday sentiment that has been redlined for clarity. All wrapped up with a pretty red bow! No matter which way you hang it or which way it turns, you’ll get a nerdy treat. Plus, use promo code NERDY15 for 15% off all Contract Nerds merchandise!

2. 2024 Desk Calendar by the Introverted Attorney

The Introverted Attorney (@theintrovertedattorney on Instagram) creates unique and funny comics about lawyer life. They have an expansive merchandise shop but the top item that caught my eye this year is the 2024 Desk Calendar because it’s beautifully designed with a wooden stand and each month showcases a different comic sketch. It’s so cute! I mean, cool!

I also love this comic poster from The Introverted Attorney. I have one hanging up in my home office to remind me not to take myself too seriously at times. I put it in a black 12×12 frame.

Image of @theintrovertedattorney poster in Nada’s office.

3. Coffee & Contracts T-Shirt by Beyond Paralegals

Beyond Paralegals is an awesome community for paralegals with an active LinkedIn presence and a learning portal all its own. They also have a merchandise shop with some fun items, like this Coffee & Contracts T-shirt. I don’t have this shirt in particular but they were kind enough to send me another one of their shirts last year and the quality of the fabric was fabulous—super soft and washes well.

4. Contract Redlining Etiquette Book by Nada Alnajafi

She’s making a list and checking it twice! Did you know that 78% of all contracts professionals learned how to redline contracts on the job? Sounds…frustrating, right? This holiday season, make your gift recipient’s life a tad bit easier by showing them the contract redlining ropes.

My first book Contract Redlining Etiquette: How to leverage the power of redlines for faster and smarter contract negotiations provides the first and only uniform set of rules about redlining and negotiating contracts from a process standpoint. I lay out 10 rules, aka best practices, that will help any contracts professional close contracts faster and more efficiently.

My second book, Contract Redlining Etiquette: A Technical Companion focuses on system improvements by providing the top tips, tricks, and workarounds that every contracts professional should know when using Microsoft Word to redline contracts. This book is currently offered on Amazon pre-sale and will be delivered by February 2, 2024. Note: For folks who prefer the paperback version, stay tuned.

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5. Caffeine Before Contracts Mug by Contract Nerds

This mug was the first, aka OG, product in the Contract Nerds shop. I initially created it so that I could give it away to people who helped me out with something as a “thank you” gift. As people started posting pictures with the mug on LinkedIn, the demand to be able to purchase it grew. So I opened up a formal shop with nerdy goodies that now has a total of eight products.

Aside from carrying any sort of liquid in it that you desire, this mug also doubles as an excellent pen holder. Plus, use promo code NERDY15 for 15% off all Contract Nerds merchandise!

Caffeine Before Contracts Mug in Nada’s office.

6. A Banned Book from Barnes & Nobles or Any Bookstore

Lawyers and contracts professionals have a certain respect for words. As an author and a mother, my respect for other authors and for a world where we are free to read any book we chose is multiplied. Without getting too political, I wonder if there are special people in your life who would like to read a banned book to support the right to free speech and the right to a free education. Or, if anything, who would like to learn and grow with an open mind. If so, here’s a list of great books to start with, created by Barnes & Nobles.

Barnes & Nobles’ List of Top Banned & Challenged Books You Should Probably Read Immediately:

7. Respect the Redlines T-Shirt by IndyGC

This shirt was created by Shahed Kader of Kader Law. As a technology lawyer, Shahed knows the pains of contract redlining all too well. Does he wearing it during negotiation calls? Would you? I’m so curious!

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8. Ticket to ContractsCon hosted by How to Contract

I’ll be heading to Las Vegas from January 17-19, 2024 to attend ContractsCon–the best contract training event in the world. So who wants to come and join me?! You can attend in-person or virtually. Click the links provided in the preceding sentence for 15% off your ticket. While tickets aren’t cheap, they are totally worth it.

Here are some of the reasons to attend this conference:

  • 100% practical teaching about how to work with contracts you handle all the time
  • Built around training bursts with tons of practical training in small groups with experienced lawyers
  • Fun and laughter are built into every part of the event
  • Contract Karaoke hosted by our Contract Music Master
  • $2,500+ in prizes for both in-person and virtual ticket holders
  • Be part of this incredible contract community

Plus, did I mention that I’ll be there?! That’s right. I’ll be presenting a contract negotiation workshop. I hope to see you there!

9. RBG Wine Glass

Gifts that inspire are truly wonderful to receive. Gifts that hold wine are also pretty great! This wine glass with an inspirational quote by RBG is a go-to for the wine-loving contracts professional in your life!

10. Weekly Newsletter by Contract Nerds

This one is free but hey, it’s the thought that counts! Do you know someone who love contracts and wants to learn more? Subscribe them to our totally free and awesome newsletter! Every Wednesday, we will send an email straight to their inbox with expert tips about contracting. If they don’t like it, then can subscribe at any time.

I hope these holiday gift ideas will help you show some appreciation to a #contractnerd in your life. Happy holidays!

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