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How to Benchmark Your Contract Performance Metrics + Template Alert!

Part of being able to successfully measure your success as a contracts professional is benchmarking your performance against

How to Measure Your Success + Template Alert!

Keep track of your success metrics when working on contracts so that you have some valuable data points

Four Responses You Can Use on a Redline Call

When you are on a redline call, you are in the heat of the moment and are expected

Using an Issues List to Expedite Complex Negotiations

How a Peer Mentor Can Improve Your Contracting Skills

Finding and connecting with a peer mentor can help accelerate your contracting skills by giving you access to

5 Steps to Find and Cultivate a Mentor

If you're new to contracts, you'll want to find and cultivate a relationship with excellent mentors you can

How to Accelerate Your Contracting Skills

You can accelerate your contracts skills with various resources (books, blogs, and podcasts) available at your fingertips.

The First Six Documents You Should Read as a New Contracts Professional

Whether a company hires you as the first legal counsel, or adds you to a growing team as

The First Five People You Should Meet as a New Contracts Professional

When you are new to contracts, first impressions have a lasting effect. Be sure to meet with these

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