Saas Tips by Sapna

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 14 – Subcontractors

Your SaaS supplier will almost always subcontract part of the services to a third party so the SaaS

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 13 – Pilots

There are similarities and differences between a pilot and a proof of concept in a SaaS agreement.

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 12 – Proof of Concept

Before engaging a new SaaS system into your company, you will almost always start with a proof of

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 11 – Open-Source and Third-Party Software

If the SaaS system includes open-source software, your SaaS contract should contain the appropriate provisions to ensure the

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 10 – EULAs

This tip covers when and how to include and negotiate a EULA in a SaaS Agreement.

Saas Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 9 – Audit Rights

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 8 – Autorenewals

Before agreeing to an automatic renewal in your SaaS agreement, be sure to consider these factors.

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 7 – Renewal Options

Ensure that your SaaS contract provides you a right to renew the contract after the initial term.

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 6 – Contract Term

Unlike on-prem software which is often licensed on a perpetual basis, your SaaS subscriptions are for a finite

SaaS Tips by Sapna | Tip No. 5 – Ancillary Services

Keep ancillary obligations in mind when developing your SaaS and the supporting documentation and contracts.

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