Read Between the Redlines

How to Disable Modern Comments in Microsoft Word

Turn off Microsoft Word's Modern Comments in a few easy steps.

How To Reinsert A Stricken Clause Without Having to Retype It Word for Word

Don't get stuck retyping a stricken clause word-for-word, there's an easier way that only takes a few clicks

Easy Workaround to Lock Tracking Feature in Microsoft Word

When negotiating commercial contracts, the Lock Tracking feature in Microsoft Word can delay the redlining and negotiation process.

How to Accept Changes in MS Word More Effectively

When reviewing contract redlines, accept changes you are in agreement with in order to clear out non-issues and

How to Clear Formatting in MS Word Track Changes

Easy steps on how to clear formatting in Track Changes so you can focus on the substantive contract

How to Remove Metadata from Contracts in MS Word

The problem with document metadata is that it might contain information that is confidential, sensitive, or even attorney-client

Using the Navigation Bar to Draft and Review Defined Terms in MS Word

We can use MS Word's Navigation bar to help us find and revise defined terms while we draft,

Four Ways to View Contract Redlines in MS Word

How to Use MS Word’s Collaboration Tool for Internal Redlines

MS Word has a cloud-ready collaboration tool to make the internal redline review process smoother and more organized.

How to Convert PDF Redlines to MS Word So You Can Do Your Job

A few tips for converting PDF redlines to Word format so you can redline and edit the contract

How to Reject Redlines in MS Word the Right Way and Avoid Disappearing Redlines

To reject a redline, most people click the Reject button in the Track Changes menu, but there's a

How to Change Your Author Name in MS Word for Clearer Contract Redlines

For those of us who don't want to be called "Author" throughout our contract redlines, here's how to

How to Combine Multiple Contract Redlines Into One Document Using MS Word

When you lose track of revisions and need to combine multiple versions of redlines into one, cohesive document.

How to Hide Formatting in MS Word Track Changes

A quick tip for those times where you don't need to see every formatting change while reviewing a

How to Accept Markup Changes in MS Word More Effectively

Learn how to accept changes more to a contract more effectively using MS Word Track Changes.

Modern Comments vs. Classic Comments—Which Version is Better for Redlining Contracts?

MS Word has just rolled out a new featured called Modern Comments. Is it better for redlining contracts

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