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Contract Nerds publishes expert-written content on a wide range of topics pertaining to contracts, including Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiation, Contract Management, Data Privacy Agreements, Technology Agreements, Careers in Contracts, CLM & Legal Tech, and several guest columns on niche topics.

We hold this content, and its authors, to the highest standards. Which is why we want our publication process to be transparent and straightforward both for our readers and for our contributors because we believe that transparency fosters trust, and trust is everything these days.

Our articles are curated on an invite-only basis. Expert authors must conform to our Submission Guidelines. Each article submitted then goes through our Editorial Process.

Submission Guidelines

Article Requirements

·         Topic: Your article should fall under one of these topics – Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiation, Contract Management, Careers in Contracts, Data Privacy Agreements, Technology Agreements, Contract Design, and CLM & Legal Tech.

·         Title: Your title should be descriptive and catchy.

·     Key Takeaways: Include three bullet points at the top of your article with key takeaways. Each takeaway should be one sentence.

·         Subheadings: You should use at least three subheadings throughout your article.

·         Word Count: 700-900 words.

·         Audience: Lawyers, contracts professionals, and anyone who works with contracts.

Please submit your name, title, headshot, short bio, one link to your LinkedIn or firm website, and the draft article in MS Word format to

Note: All submissions must be an original work of authorship written by you and not published elsewhere yet. Content generated by, from, or using ChatGPT or other generative AI is not considered an original work of authorship to us. Please do not submit or notify us in writing of such content.

IP Ownership & License Terms for Contributors

You are the owner of your intellectual property, and that includes the article that you submit to us. When you submit the article to us for consideration, you agree to license the article (and all drafts of the article) exclusively to Contract Nerds and give Contract Nerds permission to use, publish, distribute, monetize, edit, and create derivative works of the article via the Contract Nerds website, social media channels, newsletter, and other mediums. You will be credited as the author of the article and allowed to share the article in its published format via any of your channels. But any derivative works you create from the article must vary by at least 30% or more, including the title. 

Why You Should Contribute

·         Build Your Personal and Professional Brand

·         Engage With Our Community

·         Increase Google Searchability

·         Add to Your Resume

·         Talking Point in Interviews

·         Build Your Book of Business

·         Pass Your Tips On To Others

·         Help Bridge the Education Gap

·     Tap Into Your Creative Side

·     Improve Your Writing Skills

Editorial Process

When Contract Nerds first launched, all content was reviewed and edited solely by Nada Alnajafi, Founder & Chief Editor of Contract Nerds.

Now, there are two stages to the editorial review process. First, each article is reviewed and edited by the Chief Editor for accuracy, clarity, style, tone, and grammar. The article is usually then reviewed by a second Expert Reviewer for accuracy, clarity, reasonableness, and to ascertain that the author has relevant domain expertise. (Note: As we have published over 150 articles in the past three years, we are working on applying this second step to all of our articles. Our intention is to complete this process soon.)

The Expert Reviewer is indicated at the top of each article. You will see key ideas and information highlighted at the top. We strive to make legal information easily digestible; we know that our content informs important decisions made by readers and community members.


Important Disclaimer: Remember that none of the advice or information provided by, from, or through Contract Nerds should substitute or preclude independent legal advice. The opinions expressed throughout this website are not intended to provide legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. Contract Nerds is not a law firm.

Expert Reviewers

Our Expert Reviewers were hand selected by our Chief Editor because they have over 15 years  of experience working with contracts. Each Expert Reviewer is focused on reviewing articles from a particular topic. 

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