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Why You Should Contribute

·         Build Your Personal and Professional Brand

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Article Requirements

·         Topic: Your article should fall under one of these topics – Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiation, Contract Management, Careers in Contracts, Data Privacy Agreements, Technology Agreements, Legal Design, and CLM & Legal Tech (usually for sponsored content).

·         Title: Your title should be descriptive and catchy.

·         Subheadings: You should use at least three subheadings throughout your article.

·         Word Count: 700-900 words.

·         Audience: Lawyers, contracts professionals, and anyone who works with contracts. 

Submission Requirements

Please submit your name, title, headshot, short bio, one link, and the draft article in MS Word format to

Note: All submissions must be an original work of authorship written by you and not published elsewhere yet.

IP Ownership & License

You are the owner of your intellectual property, and that includes the article that you submit to us. When you submit the article to us for consideration, you agree to license the article (and all drafts of the article) exclusively to Contract Nerds and give Contract Nerds permission to use, publish, distribute, monetize, edit, and create derivative works of the article via the Contract Nerds website, social media channels, newsletter, and other mediums. You will be credited as the author of the article and allowed to share the article in its published format via any of your channels. But any derivative works you create from the article must vary by at least 30% or more, including the title. 

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