Contract Redlining Etiquette


Want to speed up your contract negotiations? Then it’s time to level up your redlining game!

Contract Redlining Etiquette provides the first and only uniform set of rules about redlining and negotiating contracts. Whether you are new to contracts or have negotiated hundreds of them, this book will help you leverage the power of redlines to drive contract negotiations forward. There’s redlining, and then there’s smarter redlining.

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In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your contract negotiations every step of the way and reduce contract value leakage.
  • Speed up contract closing times through strategic and efficient use of redlines.
  • Get the other side to accept more of your proposed redlines and reject less of them by using explanatory comments.
  • Collaborate with internal business clients, colleagues, and stakeholders using internal redlines.
  • Negotiate clearer and more inclusive contracts while eliminating common contract biases.
  • Understand the need for leveraging technology in the negotiation process and where to begin.

In addition, you’ll get access to free Sample Redlines that demonstrate how the rules of Contract Redlining Etiquette can work in real life!

This book is for anyone who negotiates contracts, including attorneys, general counsel, in-house counsel, contract managers, procurement specialists, legal ops professionals, paralegals, and entrepreneurs. In addition, this book is a great starting point for law schools, business schools, and corporations that want to begin teaching this crucial skill.

“In opening this book, you are on the precipice of investing in one of the most vital negotiation tools in your toolbox. There is no other book that can give you these types of tools that are focused specifically on redlining. Without a doubt Nada is a trailblazer – sharing wisdom the world of negotiation is currently missing, and desperately needs.” – Kwame Christian, Managing Director of the American Negotiation Institute

“This book is exactly what I was looking for to help train my team on improving our contract negotiations process and closing times. We are already seeing results from applying these practical rules to our negotiations. Nada makes the world of redlines easy, simple, and fun.” – Megan Lutes, General Counsel of Glowforge

“During this time of goodwill toward others, if we all knew how to redline properly, the world would truly be a better place.” – Sterling Miller, 3x General Counsel and Author of Ten Things You Need to Know As In-House Counsel

“Nada presented Contract Redlining Etiquette to my law school course on The Role of In-House Counsel. My students found her presentation engaging and fun, and her materials useful and easy to follow. The session was one of the students’ favorite overall and I am looking forward to including her materials in my classes going forward.” – Maja Larson, Adjunct Professor and ex-General Counsel

“When researching best practices, we leaned on Nada’s Contract Redlining Etiquette rules to create our internal editing and negotiation processes. I highly recommend this book for anyone who works with contracts of any kind.” – Barbara Elias, Beyond Paralegals

Contract Redlining Etiquette is written by award-winning lawyer and popular contracts expert, Nada Alnajafi. In her 15+ years of experience, Nada has drafted, reviewed, and negotiated thousands of contracts. She is also the Founder of Contract Nerds – – a modern legal blog all about contracts for contracts professionals around the world. Subscribe to the blog for weekly contracting tips. #contractnerds