Contract Redlining Etiquette™
10 rules to help you negotiate better contracts faster.

What inspired the creation of Contract Redlining Etiquette™?

One year ago, I launched Contract Nerds – the new home for everything contracts. My goal was to offer information and knowledge for free to contracts professionals around the world, including lawyers, paralegals, legal ops, contract managers, procurement specialists, and entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal, we offer free articles, newsletters, and other resources all about contracts.

The response to Contract Nerds was beyond what I ever could have imagined. We are now a fast-growing and tightknit community of #contractnerds who, together, are changing the way we contract for the better.

What is Contract Redlining Etiquette™?

Contract Redlining Etiquette™ (“CRE“) is a set of 10 Rules that promote efficiency, quality, and professionalism, throughout the contract negotiation process.

CRE should be used by all contracts professionals around the world, including in-house counsel, private practice attorneys, contract managers, procurement specialists, paralegals, entrepreneurs, or anyone who finds themselves lucky enough to be involved in a contract negotiation.

CRE offers our community of contracts professionals a set of 10 uniform and global rules that, when used properly, can lead to invaluable benefits to you and your clients.

Benefits of Applying these Rules

Contracts professionals who apply and master CRE will see the following benefits:

  • Higher acceptance rate of your proposed changes
  • Smoother, faster, and more efficient contract negotiations
  • Reduced cost of contracting for organizations and in-house legal teams
  • Stronger internal alignment between internal business clients and contracts professionals
  • Less confusion, clutter, and human errors
  • Stronger relationships your counterparties and business partners
  • Better reputation amongst your peers

My series of articles on Contract Redlining Etiquette have turned out to be a fan favorite because it fills a huge gap in the contracts industry. With so many people focused on contract drafting, the contract redlining and negotiation phase has remained relatively untouched…until now.

So, I’ve decided to adapt the articles into a book that will be published by the end of this year.

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In the meantime, you can learn more about CRE by reading my blog posts on this topic. See below for links to the blog posts.

And to learn more about specific contract types, how to draft contracts, or how to manage contracts, check out our blog.

The 10 Rules of Contract Redlining Etiquette


Rule #1 On Comments

Rule #2 On Silent Redlines

Rule #3 On Email Exchanges

Rule #4 On Calls

Rule #5 On Internal Redlines

Rule #6 On Re-Drafting

Rule #7 On Tracking Changes

Rule #8 on Finalizing

Rule # 9 on Contract Bias

Rule #10 – The Future of Redlines (pending)