Contract Redlining Etiquette™
Your favorite articles on redlining compiled in one place, and soon to become a book!

Contract Redlining Etiquette is a set of 10 modern contract negotiation rules that promote efficiency, speed, and professionalism. The Founder of Contract Nerds, Nada Alnajafi, is currently drafting the rules and publishing them on her weekly blog. Stay tuned for Rules 9 and 10, to be posted shortly.

In 2021, Nada will publish a book on Contract Redlining Etiquette that will incorporate some of this content and more. To stay updated, sign-up here.


Rule #1 On Comments

Rule #2 On Silent Redlines

Rule #3 On Email Exchanges

Rule #4 On Calls

Rule #5 On Internal Redlines

Rule #6 On Re-Drafting

Rule #7 On Tracking Changes

Rule #8 on Finalizing