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Why Rushed Contract Reviews Are Bad for Business

Last-minute contract reviews are frustrating for all contract reviewers. But this issue should be equally frustrating to the entire organization because it is bad for business, too. A rushed contract review negatively impacts the entire deal, including commercial terms, and can cost the business thousands, if not millions, of dollars in contract leakage and other missed opportunities.

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Uplevel Executive Conversations With Customizable CLM Dashboards by Olga Mack for Contract Nerds

Uplevel Executive Conversations With Customizable CLM Dashboards

Because contracts lay the groundwork for significant aspects of how businesses operate, gathering and analyzing contract data is crucial to understanding your organization’s health and outlook. Executives want to know how many contracts your team is working on, what types of contracts, and how to speed up the contract review process. That’s why it’s important to customize your CLM dashboard and maximize access to and communication regarding your valuable contract data.

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The Battle of the Formats and Why PDFs Are Losing

The Battle of the Formats and Why PDFs are Losing

“Will restricting changes to a contract template by use of a restrictive format help speed up the contract review process?” The simple answer is NO. In fact, choosing the wrong, aka a restrictive, format will only delay the contract review process. Using PDFs in commercial contracts is on the decline. This article will provide a winning strategy for streamlining contracts the right way.

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Better Contract Management in Six Manageable Steps, by Nada Alnajafi, for Contract Nerds

Better Contract Management in Six Manageable Steps

While investing in a contract management tool is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, it should not be your first. In fact, there is a lot of work to be done internally that will significantly improve your contract management process without costing you a single dime. And with all the choices out there, this work needs to be done before you can even attempt to identify the right tool for you.

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