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Critical Clauses in Commercial Lease Agreements by Neil Greenbaum, for Contract Nerds

Critical Commercial Lease Clauses – Tenant Side

Signing a commercial lease is a big deal for most business owners. Not only is the business assuming considerable financial obligations as the tenant, but it is extremely probable that the business owner will have to personally guarantee some (if not all) of these obligations.  If the business owner is unable to, the implications may be disastrous. In this article, real estate attorney, Neil Greenbaum, provides a list of critical clauses in commercial lease agreements that tenants should take into consideration.

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Contract Redlining Etiquette Rule #6 on Re-Drafting by Nada Alnajafi for Contract Nerds

Contract Redlining Etiquette – Rule #6 On Re-Drafting

Remember, you’re still drafting even while negotiating. The key to drafting a clear contract is to re-draft clearer contractual terms that correspond with your redlines and reflect the parties’ intent. The best way to accomplish this is for the party requesting a substantive change to propose the corresponding language. Here are some best practices to keep in mind for this simple yet often overlooked rule of thumb.

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How to Spot and Solve Implicit Language Bias in International Contracts by Nada Alnajafi for Contract Nerds

How to Spot and Solve Implicit Language Bias in International Contracts

Ever notice that contracts are always drafted in English? Implicit language bias occurs in contracts when the contract drafter assumes the other party is as fluent in English and English “legalese” as the contract drafter. If you’ve ever thought this to yourself, “Wow, their English is surprisingly really good!” then you probably have implicit language bias.

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