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Founder of Contract Nerds and California attorney Nada Alnajafi dba Law Offices of Nada Alnajafi has created this Contracts Attorney Referral Network to help providing a starting place for people with contracting needs. Nada no longer handles contracts work herself because she is devoting all of her time and energy into running the Contract Nerds blog and community, as well as writing her book on Contract Redlining Etiquette. So she setup this referral network of several California barred and licensed contracts attorneys to help direct her potential clients to attorneys who can provide commensurate legal services.

Contract Nerds Attorney Referral Network

For You:

Nada will make the initial introduction to at least three attorneys who represent that they can handle your project. Then, you and the attorney(s) should setup some time to discuss your legal needs and their fee structure. Ultimately, it is completely your choice to engage a contracts attorney from our referral network or not.

Please remember that Nada does not guarantee any outcomes, quality or performance, of the attorneys in this referral network. She is simply trying to help you find the right contracts attorney by giving you a starting point. It is up to you to properly vet attorneys and determine which one (if any) is the best fit for you.

As a disclaimer, consistent with California State Bar Rule 2-200 and the other rules of professional conduct, Nada may take a small referral fee for making the introduction. The referral fee comes out the attorney’s fee and should not impact how much you pay for their legal services. This type of arrangement is typical amongst attorneys and helps ensure that you get the best attorney to meet your needs.

For a referral to contracts attorneys in our referral network, please email with the following information:

For Attorneys:

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our attorney referral network in exchange for an attorney referral fee, please email the following information:

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