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Who are “Contract Nerds”?!

“Contract Nerds” are business attorneys, in-house counsel, legal tech experts, procurement specialists, contract managers, and law students, who love or work with contracts. Some examples include, but are not limited to, people who get excited about reviewing longer-than-usual agreements, perfectionists who hate seeing typos and formatting issues in a contract, those who like to read every word of a contract rather than skimming it, and individuals who are passionate about the direction that technology is taking contracts in the future. This blog was created for you.
Nada Alnajafi

Nada Alnajafi, Esq.

Creator (Venice, CA)


  • PASSION: I’ve loved contracts since law school, where I received the CALI Award for Contracts 101. But I learned how to draft, review and negotiate contracts while on the job. I am passionate about providing post-law school education and skills training around contracts.
  • LEGAL: I’ve spent most of my legal career in-house and am currently serving as Corporate Counsel for Franklin Templeton, a Fortune-500 global financial services organization.
  • BUSINESS: I took a slight detour from traditional in-house practice when I worked for a business consulting firm as a project manager for four years. That’s where I learned how to apply project management and change management principles to my practice as an in-house attorney, e.g., contract management process optimization and automation.
  • TECH: In true consultant form, I believe in doing things as efficiently as possible. Which is why I am a huge advocate for using legal tech to optimize and automate the contract management process.
  • INSPIRATION: During the pandemic this year, I discovered an amazing community of attorneys on LinkedIn and started posting some contract negotiation tips. I didn’t expect them to be so well-received.  My engagement with like-minded contract lovers sparked an idea – Contract Nerds.

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Jessica Yee
Intern (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m a law school graduate working as a Contract Administrator for ACCO Engineered Systems. Prior to going to law school, I obtained my Paralegal Certificate from the University of California, Davis, and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Pacific. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Kate Hamming, Contract Nerds Intern
Kate Hamming
Intern (Seattle, WA)

I am a recent law school graduate pursuing a transactional legal career centered around the privacy and intellectual property aspects of commercial deals in the sports, entertainment, and technology industries.

Mandy Tran
Mandy Tran
Intern (Atlanta, GA)

I’m a 3L from Emory University, and I’m interested in working in commercial or corporate law when I graduate. Outside of law school, I am an avid indoor cycling enthusiast!

Daniel Michaelson
Intern (Sacramento, CA)

I am a 2L evening law student at McGeorge School of Law. During the day, I work for the Financial SaaS company, Riskalyze. Looking forward, I hope to combine my passion for international work with a career as an in-house counsel.

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